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Because We Are Such Good People (Cestrian Stocks Bulletin #121)

Cestrian Stocks Bulletin
Because We Are Such Good People (Cestrian Stocks Bulletin #121)
By Cestrian Capital Research, Inc • Issue #121 • View online
Been a good run. About to get better.

DISCLAIMER: This note is intended for US recipients only and, in particular, is not directed at, nor intended to be relied upon by any UK recipients. Any information or analysis in this note is not an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities. Nothing in this note is intended to be investment advice and nor should it be relied upon to make investment decisions. Cestrian Capital Research, Inc., its employees, agents or affiliates, including the author of this note, or related persons, may have a position in any stocks, security, or financial instrument referenced in this note. Any opinions, analyses, or probabilities expressed in this note are those of the author as of the note’s date of publication and are subject to change without notice. Companies referenced in this note or their employees or affiliates may be customers of Cestrian Capital Research, Inc. Cestrian Capital Research, Inc. values both its independence and transparency and does not believe that this presents a material potential conflict of interest or impacts the content of its research or publications.
Here To Help
Since we started our subscription services in 2019 we’ve gone from “Huh? Who?” to one of the fastest-growing providers on the Seeking Alpha platform and indeed the proud provider of the #1 Tech Stocks service on Substack (sources: SeekingAlpha and Substack respectively). Huzzah!
After messing about for a bit with products and pricing to work out who wants what in this brave new world, we found out that:
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  • A lot of people like super high quality keep-it-simple stocks newsletters with no chat and no trade alerts for $99/yr or less
We will continue to develop our low cost newsletters - they’re a blast to write, growing fast and well liked. There’s a list of them below - all come in free and pay versions, so you can sign up to all of them for nothing, decide if you like the cut of their jib, and if so, stump up the required almost-no-dollars-by-design to get the paid version.
The news we have for you today is that our premium service, Growth Investor Pro, is moving up in quality. And thus we shall commence on a series of price hikes for new joiners over the next few months. Not for existing members - once you’re a member you never get hit with a price rise.
Of immediate importance is that our bargain-basement “Half Off Your First Year” offer ends this month. Right now you can get a whole year of Growth Investor Pro for just $799 instead of $1599. And by year end we’ll be charging nearer to $2500/yr. So, now’s a great time to join us for just $799.
Better yet, if you join and hate it, quit in month one and pay just that month’s fee - we’ll refund the unused 11 months. So your max downside is $67.
Sign up now to beat the raise.
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Growth Investor Pro features outstanding reviews. You have nothing to lose but, er, $67.
Our Other Services Which We Love Equally But Maybe Just A Little Bit In Proportion To How Much Folks Pay For Them
Here’s the full list of our freemium newsletters. Join for nothing. Just click each link to go direct to the services.
Cestrian Stocks Bulletin (this service you’re reading!)
Thanks as always for reading our stuff!
Cestrian Capital Research, Inc - 7 February 2022.
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