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Cestrian Stocks Bulletin - Issue #30

Cestrian Stocks Bulletin - Issue #30
By Cestrian Capital Research, Inc • Issue #30 • View online
As short as we can make it.

Thanks to everyone who has signed up so far for our free Cestrian Stocks Bulletin newsletter. We have a ball writing it and the feedback has been great, thankyou. We’re gaining new readers all the time and that’s very rewarding to see.
You’ll forgive a shameless plug for a moment. The ‘Premium Edition’ of our newsletter gives you our best stock idea of the week, every week. Usually on a Monday or Tuesday. Could be a buy, could be a sell, depends on what’s happening in the market. We cover technology and space stocks so the ideas fall into those sectors.
If you’d like to try Premium Edition, you can sign up on this page - you’ll see action buttons saying things like, “Become A Member” - that’s where to click.
We set the price to be as low as we could reasonably make it, to maximize reach. We run a whole bunch of more expensive subscription services but we wanted to make this one very low cost, so that if you’re new to our work, or you just don’t like paying for stock research (and who can blame you! there is a lot of garbage out there), your risk is very low. It’s just $9/month. Don’t like it, quit right away, your downside is $9, nothing ruinous. Do like it, stick with us and receive our Idea Of The Week, every week.
We have what we think is a really interesting “buy” idea out tomorrow. Sign up now and stand by for your first Idea Of The Week - delivered direct to your inbox as always.
Cestrian Capital Research, Inc - 14 June 2021.
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