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Heads Up! (Cestrian Stocks Bulletin #12)

Heads Up! (Cestrian Stocks Bulletin #12)
By Cestrian Capital Research, Inc • Issue #12 • View online
Just a quick note. Next week we launch the Premium Edition of Cestrian Stocks Bulletin, a members-only version.
The premise is simple. Each week we’ll deliver our best stock idea right to your inbox. We’ll set out why we like the company (not the stock, the actual company), walk you through the numbers, take a look at how the stock is performing and where it might be headed. The idea will be actionable, ie. you’ll be able to do something with it, but not investment advice, ie. you have to do your own thinking about whether it’s a good idea for you or not. We have news: some of the ideas will be good ones and some will not. We will try to make them all good ones. But we may not succeed in our quest.
Premium Edition will be focused on technology and space names, as always. It will have more numbers and charts and such than our usual chatty fare at this newsletter, but it will remain digestible in a few easy pieces.
Yours for the princely sum of $9/month.
(We offer all manner of other fancy services at fancier prices, but this one we plan to keep at the one-visit-to-Starbucks level.)
Premium Edition is for US investors only. You can sign up at the link below, where it says “Become A Member”.
And as always, if you like our work, please share it across the social platform of your choice. Sharing links are on this page.
Thanks for reading our work!
Cestrian Capital Research, Inc - 7 May 2021.


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