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How To Become A Better Investor (Cestrian Stocks Bulletin - #36)

How To Become A Better Investor (Cestrian Stocks Bulletin - #36)
By Cestrian Capital Research, Inc • Issue #36 • View online
Start by taking a breath and stepping back. Next, read this.

You Don't Need Anyone To Tell You Which Stocks To Buy And Sell
You’ve heard the old gender-specific adage about fishing vs. learning to fish. Well, investing is much the same. If you like, you can follow hundreds of gurus across the various social media platforms, do what they do (or at least what they say they do, which may be different), try to pick and choose, and so on. This may give you good investment results or it may not, but it will most certainly give you sleepless nights and a deeply unsettled feeling in the pit of your stomach as the market ebbs and flows. And quite possibly an ulcer once the talking heads on CNBC get going. Why? Because you’re relying on someone else to do the thinking for you, and when something changes, unless that person is right at your elbow telling you what to do for your particular circumstances, oh and unless that that person is also right … that’s stressful.
How can you solve this? Easy. Learn to be a better investor yourself.
How? Read our work. And in particular, sign up for the Premium Edition of this newsletter. It’s $9/month. We’re pretty sure you blow more than $9/month following guru ideas. So how about this - join us, walk through our ideas with us, sure - but mainly, we’ll help you work out your own ideas.
One of the subscribers to our Cestrian Fundamentals service recently described its chatroom as like taking an MBA class, only more fun and (we might add) without the crushing debt at the end. We were delighted.
Now we don’t run education services, we run stocks research services. But in all our services we always take the time to explain that, if we like Stock X, why we like it - if it’s improving revenue growth, why that’s important for the stock and why the market may not have realized that it’s improving (yes that does happen); and if we don’t like Stock Y, why not - and if that’s because of a pattern on a stock chart, why that pattern might suggest this.
So when every week in the Premium Edition of this newsletter we publish our “Best Idea Of The Week”, it doesn’t just say, buy $FSLY because it might get taken over, toooo daaa moooon!!!, it will say, consider buying Stock X because of reasons 1, 2, and 3, and they are important because … . And along the way you will find yourself becoming a better investor. We can help you learn how to assess company fundamentals, and how to assess stock charts. Neither financial fundamentals nor stock charts are difficult. Gurus want you to think these things are difficult because if you realized they aren’t difficult, then, you don’t need the guru do you?
So. We offer a bunch of pay services but, for now, try our most basic one. Premium Edition of this newsletter. One idea per week, fully explained and articulated in a way designed to help you become a better investor. $9/month. Cancel anytime.
Worst case you lose $9. Best case, you become a better investor and make a whole lot more than $9 as a result. No, in fact, best case - you raise your investing game and can invest quietly and confidently and independently so that when the market is doing this or that, when a random talking head with a widescreen business card pops up on CNBC saying this or that, your reaction will be, hm. And think calmly about what is being said. Not, YIKESSELL or YIKESBUY which is the intended emotional state most such providers want their viewers to be in.
There’s a button on this page to sign up as a member of Premium Edition. Or if you can’t find it, click here.
Join us. Become a better investor.
Cestrian Capital Research, Inc - 30 June 2021.
(Disclosure - Cestrian Capital Research, Inc staff personal account(s) hold long position(s) in $FSLY. Not because it might get taken over. Because of the chart. Ask us and we will explain so you can work the next one out yourself!)
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