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J-Po Made Us Do It!!! (Cestrian Stocks Bulletin #135)

Cestrian Stocks Bulletin
J-Po Made Us Do It!!! (Cestrian Stocks Bulletin #135)
By Cestrian Capital Research, Inc • Issue #135 • View online
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As you may know, this newsletter comes in two varieties. Free, which is basically some blarney about stocks written primarily as self-help therapy to ease our troubled minds, and paid, which is an Idea of the Week service. In truth the Ideas are a little more irregular than that. Some weeks none, some weeks three. It would be better if we called it, Ideas When We Think We Have Good Ideas, but that doesn’t market so well.
Absolutely everything in the world is rising in price and we have decided that we can resist the trend no longer. If you sign up for the paid version of this newsletter at present, you pay a barely-there $9/month. And the price at which you join is the price at which you stay. Subscribers never get hit with a price hike. If you can live for another fifty years, this newsletter will be cheaper than a bag of dust.
If you sign up on May 1st or thereafter? It’s $15/month. Still, in our view, exceptionally cheap, because for those fifteen Jeromes you get our a selection of our best ideas from our premium Growth Investor Pro service, which costs a buck short of $2k/yr. So, fifteen small potatoes isn’t so much we think. But it’s still more potatoes than nine small potatoes.
So if you’ve been thinking about joining up here? Do it right away, lock in that $9/month price from here to the End of Dayes. Or join after the end of this month, and give us more money than you have any need to right now. Your call.
Thanks as always for reading our work, we love producing this newsletter and we get great feedback on the thing too.
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Cestrian Capital Research, Inc - 6 April 2022.
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