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Old People Discover The Internet (Cestrian Stocks Bulletin #159)

Cestrian Stocks Bulletin
Old People Discover The Internet (Cestrian Stocks Bulletin #159)
By Cestrian Capital Research, Inc • Issue #159 • View online
This is a mercifully short post.

Help Us To Help You To Help Us
As you know we are old folks here at Cestrian Capital Research. Over the hill. Done with. Put out to seed. And so on.
Recently we found ourselves dragged kicking and screaming into the Internet as of about 2003 when webinars were the Hot New Thing. Never ones to turn down the opportunity to shift some product, we duly started doing webinars. And turns out folks rather like them and (don’t tell anyone) they are kind of fun to do. Plus which we do ‘em live and we have a buncha whip-smart subscribers firing live Q&A at us, so that keeps us on our toes. So, no old folks’ homes for us for a while as long as we keep the brain training going.
Anyway, the sons and daughters of our sons and daughters tell us that there is a new new thing once more. They say it’s called TikTok but that we are way too old for that, and maybe we would like to try the old person’s version instead. Apparently it is known to the kids as UChewed. No, something else. Ah - YouTube - that’s it.
Anyway we have started a YouTube channel. This is kind of funny as our favorite form of interaction is the command line interface, but we are committed to making it in the Internet era of 2012, so, we’re working away at it.
If you have a moment, please do head over there and do two things.
One, subscribe - for free of course - to our new channel. You can find it here.
And two, if you really have nothing better to do, take a look at the first video we posted there. It’s a kind of quill-pen take on video but you will get the idea. The video - it’s in black and white, naturally - is here .
Thanks in advance!
Cestrian Capital Research, Inc.
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