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Pay lol (Cestrian Stocks Bulletin #24)

Pay lol (Cestrian Stocks Bulletin #24)
By Cestrian Capital Research, Inc • Issue #24 • View online
Nobody wants to pay for investment advice. You can get it all for free on Twitter. To quote most of StockTwits? Pay lol.

Disclaimer: This note is intended for US recipients only and in particular is not directed at, nor intended to be relied upon by any UK recipients. Any information or analysis in this note is not an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities. Nothing in this note is intended to be investment advice and nor should it be relied upon to make investment decisions. Cestrian Capital Research, Inc., its employees, agents or affiliates, including the author of this note, or related persons, may have a position in any stocks, security or financial instrument referenced in this note. Any opinions, analyses, or probabilities expressed in this note are those of the author as of the note’s date of publication and are subject to change without notice. Companies referenced in this note or their employees or affiliates may be customers of Cestrian Capital Research, Inc. Cestrian Capital Research, Inc. values both its independence and transparency and does not believe that this presents a material potential conflict of interest or impacts the content of its research or publications.
Scam Artists!
The trouble with investment advice is that it lends itself to claims of genius on the part of the provider, usually during a hot streak or other which can be dressed up as some kind of permanent edge for which said provider believes their clients should continue to hand over money and faith. Absolutely everyone has a tale of woe as regards these kind of genius services. Usually the story goes … it was great for awhile … then the ideas started going wrong … I stuck with it … I see now it was always just a scam! If only I hadn’t handed all my life savings over to that fraudster! Back to work flipping burgers for me.
Now, as you know, we provide two flavors of investment research - free and pay lol - and neither come packaged as advice. We make no bones about it. We have no idea about your financial goals or plans, risk tolerance, whether you desire mainly to preserve capital or to proceed directly TO DA MOOON! Nor do we want to know. It’s your money, and your business alone. Our research is very simple. We just publish our ideas on stocks. We hope you find the ideas useful and we hope you can find a way to profit (or avoid losses) from them.
In staff personal account investing and trading, we make use of plenty of other folks’ investment research ourselves. Some free, but mostly the pay lol kind. We have subscriptions to a metals service, a market direction service, and a momentum trading service. These all being things beyond our core skillset and knowledge base. We don’t follow any of them slavishly but we do pick and choose ideas and methods from them and we can say that each service has helped us make money, avoid losing money, and helped us learn a lot about some particular important matter in the making of money. In each case the subscription fee has been tiny vs. the gains and benefits obtained.
If you don’t use any pay services, you might like to try one or two of ours. None are particularly expensive and none offers any kind of Svengali-like cult of personality. Our top service, which is a real-time interactive service, members’ chatroom open 24/7 and featuring published work not just from ourselves but also from a number of our members on topics where they have expertise, offers a key benefit which wasn’t planned when we launched it. And that is, the member community. If you read the reviews on that service, one comment that comes up time and again is, the value of the community. As a source of specific stock ideas, wider investment ideas, critique of ideas, Elliott Wave jokes (yes we had one this week … possibly the first ever and maybe the last ever), and, usually on Fridays when the going is good, fairly creative emojis.
Investing and trading is a lonely business. All the key work is achieved in quiet moments of contemplation. Usually alone, if it’s your own money you are running. We ourselves have been thrilled to see our member community flourish and again we find we learn a lot from that community. We have long-term investors, short-term traders, Fed whisperers and industry folks in the community. And best of all, nobody yet leans Lord Of The Flies. Rather unusually for an online community, folks are all trying to win together. No SHOUTING. No “bears are dumb lol” or “bulls be jokers lol”. Nothing like that. Remarkable. Still, there’s time yet.
Now, if you like your investment research in the mold of “information should be free!”, all Internet v1.0, we can’t argue with that. And we publish a ton of free work. This newsletter, for one; and a whole bunch of stuff on the Seeking Alpha website (all our free stuff there can be found at this page).
But our best work, that’s filed under pay lol. Here’s our Internet v2.0 menu and the description of each dish.
The members-only Premium Edition of this email newsletter gives you our best stock idea of the week, every week. We charge $9/month for this. If your content preference leans ARPANet but you are pay-curious, you could start with this. There’s a link to sign up at the bottom of this page, or, you can click here. It’s a monthly subscription so if you hate it, your downside is nine bucks.
Next up, we run a service called Cestrian Elements. That gets you our best stock idea of the day, every trading day. This will set you back $29/month - again, quit anytime so your downside is about the same as lunch for two at Starbucks. Here’s an example of the kind of thing you get:
This one turned out to be a great idea!  (Other ideas are also available).
This one turned out to be a great idea! (Other ideas are also available).
If you want to try Cestrian Elements out for a month, and then stick around longer if you like it, you can sign up here. We send you the content by alerts to your phone and/or email, the moment it is published.
And keeping the best for last - Cestrian Fundamentals is our top service. This is a real-time, real-money service which features a number of notes per week - earnings reactions or previews, new name stock ideas, information about what we’re doing in our own personal account investing and trading, wider content including deep dives into particular sectors of interest like cybersecurity or space - a whole bunch of stuff. As we note above, the members’ chatroom adds a whole new dimension of content too. You can participate or lurk according to what suits you best, but even if you’ve spent your life not joining in, you might find you change the habit of a lifetime with us. It’s a very positive place.
Here’s the kind of thing you get:
Formal notes from us
Formal notes from us
Community content from everyone.  Including us.
Community content from everyone. Including us.
Fundamentals costs $199/month right now, but we’re putting through a material price rise on June 1st, when it will go up to $299/month. We raise prices from time to time, but only for new members. We never hit existing members for a price rise, ever.
So if you’re thinking about trying this out, now’s a great time. Again, hate it? Walk after a month, no issue. The cheapest way to subscribe is with an annual subscription ($1999/yr right now, $2999/yr from June 1). But don’t worry, you’re not locked in blindly. If you join on an annual and you really don’t like it, you can leave within the first month and the remainder of your annual subscription - 11 months of it - will be refunded. You can learn more and sign up to Cestrian Fundamentals here. Oh, and for good measure, if you do take out an annual subscription we’ll give you Cestrian Elements (best idea of the day) and Premium Edition newsletter (best idea of the week) for free.
So. Pay lol?
You like it free, who are we to argue. We hope you keep reading our free work. But maybe we can persuade you to part with a little hard-earned. You have nothing to lose but your … er, ok, the money you give us, but … $9, $29, $199 … nothing too ruinous, we hope.
Those links once more, all in one place, in case you do like to pay lol.
(Annual membership of Fundamentals gets you Premium Edition and Elements included for free).
Cestrian Capital Research, Inc - 30 May 2021.
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